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Welcome to plastic zipper! We begun manufacturing packaging materials and flexible packaging in 1980.We are now the world’s largest stock holder of unprinted stand up pouch and unprinted coffee bags with valves of many different sizes and colors. Utilizing the latest equipment, we are able to manufacture the highest quality plastic zippers for flexible packaging worldwide. Our plastic zipper is food safe. Our resealable zippers are suitable for application to a variety of substrate materials such as Co-extruded materials, Laminate structures, Polyethylene films, Polypropylene films, Metallised films, nylon blended Pe films.

Plastic zipper rolls winded in plastic spools will be delivered anywhere in world by DHL or FedEx courier maximum within 7 working days from the date of order if the quantity is less{below 20000 meters} and big quantity will be delivered by sea in FCL.

Plastic zipper profile is available in PE zipper and PP zipper.

Sizes available in zipper is as follows…

zipper Sizes available

8mm plastic zipper available in PE zipper and PP zipper
10mm plastic zipper available in PE zipper and PP zipper
13mm plastic zipper available in PE zipper and PP zipper
15mm plastic zipper available in PE zipper and PP zipper
17mm plastic zipper available in PE zipper and PP zipper

We have different types of plastic zipper winded in brown kraft paper spool or winded in plastic spool.

Plastic zipper spool is having following quantity inside….

Kraft paper spool
Plastic spool
1000 Meters zipper
3000 Meters zipper

Important Questions and Answers.

  • If I want plastic zippers how many should I order in minimum?
  • Our minimum quantity of plastic zipper is 1 spool.

  • How is my plastic zippers shipped?

  • We ship plastic zippers by UPS, FedEx, Or DHL couriers in small quantity below 10 spools. Bigger quantity than this will be shipped by sea.

  • Can you help us deciding the best suited zipper profile we need to pack our products. Does the plastic zipper can work in horizontal pouch making machine, vertical pouch making machine, Vffc and Hffs machines used to pack food packaging, pet food packaging, frozen foods, dry foods, coffee, tea, pet foods, nuts, cheese?
    Yes Our engineers can work with you to develop best suited plastic zipper profile that works on any type of packaging applications.
  • What is needed to provide you if I want customized plastic zipper profile?
  • We need your design and the product to be filled inside and the weight of the total bag, in what type of machine zipper is needed etc... Please call our sales team.

  • For what type of products are our resealable plastic zippers/ reclosable plastic zipper used.?
  • Our plastic zippers are used to pack the following items : pet food, food packaging, dried foods, nuts packaging, tea, coffee packaging, cheese packaging, frozen foods packaging, frozen meat packaging, frozen sea food packaging, bread packaging, confectionery, biscuits packaging, rice packaging and other non food products.

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